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Must Read

  1. US military down on white males
  2. Obamacare does nothing to help key costs
  3. Obama goes exec order on global warming
  4. Chinese nukes ready to take out US west
  5. Obamacare = adverse selection
  6. NC GOP rep embarrasses all
  7. CO ski resort needs Obamacare break for rich
  8. More Americans getting benefits than working
  9. Another story of blacks beating whites
  10. Boehner Republican’s spending record
  11. Not in school or at work
  12. Obama doing what he said: transforming
  13. Obamacare allows for seizing bank accounts
  14. Boehner & Reid in cahoots over subsidy
  15. American cities in decline
  16. House GOP responds to Senate Dems
  17. The Fed helping politicians
  18. Prez Obama says debt ceiling not debt
  19. Colleges failing like never before
  20. China drones fly higher and faster
  21. Bay of Pigs doc may see light
  22. NC DHHS not starting well
  23. Obama foreign policy weakens America?
  24. Woodard describes dysfunction for Obama
  25. China gets a big US asset with hardly a whimper
  26. Carbon tax backfires in Aussie land
  27. Fast food strike reveals structural weakness
  28. Teen unemployment still going higher
  29. No money for more war, debt does matter
  30. HFT hits the NASDAQ


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